HOT TREND: prefabricated homes

Prefabricated homes are growing trend on the Croatian market. Taking into consideration the global trends, prefabricated construction could soon surpass classic, brick building.

Prefabricated homes are type of prefabricated building whose elements have been previously manufactured in controlled factory or workshop conditions. The finished elements are transported and installed in the intended place. The basis of the walls of our prefabricated homes is a steel load-bearing structure that contains a mineral wool filling with a steam dam, and is enclosed on both sides by slab cladding. A thermal façade is applied over the outside of the cladding, while an additional panel cladding is installed on the inside for better sound insulation. Considering the width of the wall and the filling of the wall with thermal insulation materials, our prefabricated homes ensure greater energy efficiency.

Our prefabricated houses offer many advantages:

Construction speed: As a basic advantage compared to classic brick houses, we emphasize the speed of construction. The construction of a classic brick house of 100m2 takes an average of 6 months, while our low-energy prefabricated homes can be installed in 3 months (100m2) – from installation to occupancy.

Durability: The service life of our prefabricated home, with proper and regular maintenance, can be 100 years or more. In this matter, they do not lag behind the classic brick houses.

Price: Compared to a classic, brick house, construction costs are up to 30% times lower.

Energy efficiency: Compared to standard brick houses, our low-energy houses consume less energy for heating and cooling.

Ecological awareness: The materials we use are largely ecological and natural, which reduces environmental pollution and ensures a healthy and comfortable life. All construction materials that cannot be recycled are disposed of in a strictly controlled manner.

Expertise and knowledge: The construction and installation of our prefabricated homes is taken care of by our team of experts consisting of wood industry technologists, graduate civil engineers, masters of mechanical engineering and the team of construction professionals.

Attractive design: Our houses are designed following the latest trends in architecture and design.

Earthquake resistance: Although Istria is not earthquake vulnerable area, and there is a very low probability that an earthquake will occur, prefabricated homes are more earthquake resistant. They “absorb” vibrations much better and are made of very earthquake-resistant materials.

Fire resistance: When building our prefabricated homes, we pay great attention to the selection of materials that are categorized as “non-combustible” or “low-combustible”, such as steel, mineral wool and rock wool, and we use more fire-resistant panels as well.

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